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Church Weddings


If it’s a religious wedding you wish for, getting married in the Church of England
(or Church in Wales) is almost as simple as going to the register office because the Church of England is still the state recognised church in the UK.

Your first step is to contact the vicar of the church in which you wish to be wed to arrange an appointment to meet. One of you will need to be a member of the Church of England and should live in the parish where you want to be married.

The church doesn't allow remarriage in church of people who have been divorced, but individual priests may agree to it. Most priests will agree to give a blessing to a couple where one or both are divorced and have remarried in a civil ceremony.

There is some flexibility on this and the best way to find out what to do is to talk to the vicar at your local church or the vicar of the church where you'd like to be married.

Before the ceremony, banns (a notice of the proposed marriage) can be read in the parish church of both of the partners or in the church where it has been agreed the marriage can take place. Banns must be read on three Sundays before the ceremony.

The Church of England and the Church in Wales will register your marriage at the same time as performing the religious ceremony.

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